Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study

Insects: Native Species

Scientific name: Procanace acuminata
Common name(s): Hawaiian Freshwater Beach Fly

Procanace acuminata

Status: Endemic

Habitat: Riffles and cascades in streams

Preferred Area of Stream: Procanace acuminata is only found in clean, clear and cool highly oxygenated water on wetted areas of boulders and rocks

Range in Hawai‘i: Moloka‘i, Maui and Hawai‘i

Diet: Larvae are aquatic and feed on decaying organic material and freshwater algae

Predators: Native and introduced fish, predatory aquatic insects, introduced crustaceans

Fact: Species of flies in the Canacidae family normally live in marine environments along the coast in the intertidal zone. Hawai‘i is the only area where a large group of these flies have evolved to live in freshwater habitats. Adult Canacidae are distinguished from flies in the Ephydridae family by having a large clypeus (a pointed knob) on the adults face while the Ephydridae flies lack this striking feature.