Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study

Insects: Native Species

Scientific name: Scatella cilipes
Common name(s): Hawaiian Shore Fly

Scatella cilipes

Status: Endemic

Habitat: Riffles and cascades in streams

Preferred Area of Stream: Highly oxygenated, clean and cool water in heavily flowing areas on wetted boulders and rocks

Range in Hawai‘i: All main Hawaiian Islands

Diet: Larvae are aquatic live as scavengers on algae and decaying plant materials in the stream. Adults scrape or lap up small particles of algae and diatoms that make up their diet.

Predators: Native and introduced fish, predatory aquatic insects, introduced crustaceans

Fact: Normally shore flies are found in marine environments and live in super saline environments like the Great Salt Lake in Utah . However, in Hawai‘i they have evolved to live in freshwater and Scatella cilipes is one of the most common native stream insects and the adults of these small aquatic flies are often found in large numbers in cascade and riffle areas. The male of this species is distinguished from the males of closely Scatella clavipes by its long, curved bristles on the front legs and its tibia have two long hairs.