Bishop Museum Occasional Paper Volume 107 (2010)
Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey for 2008. Part I: plants

New plant records from O‘ahu for 2008. Frohlich, D. & Lau, A. pp. 3-18. [ pdf ]
New Hawaiian plant records from Herbarium Pacificum for 2008. Kennedy, B.H., James, S.A. & Imada, C.T pp. 19-26. [ pdf ]
Psychotria greenwelliae Fosberg—not on O‘ahu! Kiehn, M.& Imada, C.T. pp. 27-28. [ pdf ]
On the identity of Gahnia lanaiensis O. Deg. & J. Kern. (Cyperaceae) of Hawai‘i. Koyama, T., Kennedy, B.H. & Imada, C.T. pp. 29-32. [ pdf ]
New Hawaiian plants records for Maui County for 2008. Oppenheimer, H. pp. 33-40. [ pdf ]
New plant records for the Big Island for 2008. Parker, J.L.& Parsons, B. pp. 41-43. [ pdf ]
Caladium bicolor naturalized on the island of Hawai‘i. Resslar, P. pp. 44-45. [ pdf ]
Notes on grasses (Poaceae) in Hawai‘i: 2. Snow, N. & Lau, A. pp. 46-60. [ pdf ]
New plant records from the Hawaiian Archipelago. Starr, F., Starr, K.& Loope, L.L. pp. 61-68. [ pdf ]
New islet records of marine benthic algae from offshore islets associated with O‘ahu, Maui, Moloka‘i, and Lana‘i in the main Hawaiian Islands. Fisher, J.R., Giuseffi, L.M., Tsuda, R.T., Abbott, I.A.& Coles, S.L.. 69-80. [ pdf ]