Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study
Virtual Stream Introduction Native Streams Disturbed Streams


1. Human Activity

What human activities can affect a stream?

human activity

2. Human Impact

a) What kinds of changes happen in a stream as the result of human activities?

Take a look at the Mauka Makai Connection website to answer the following question.

b) In Hawai‘i, how might a human activity impede the flow to the sea (the "mauka-makai connection")?

human impact

3. Disturbance to Ecosystem

Take a look at the introduced animals on the Meet the Critters page on this site and the Alien Species in Hawaiian Streams web site to answer the following questions.

a) How has the biota (living things) of Hawaiian streams changed?

b) List the common name of each introduced species.

c) For each species, identify 1-2 ways that it might be harmful to the native stream ecosystem.

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