The Birds of the Hawaiian Islands:
Occurrence, History, Distribution, and Status

Robert L. Pyle and Peter Pyle

This site provides an official checklist for all species of birds documented as occurring in the Hawaiian Islands. Detailed species accounts are provided for 317 species documented from 1778 to 2009, including native land birds and waterbirds, breeding seabirds, migratory species, vagrants, and non-native species with established breeding populations. Accounts include historical occurrence as well as current status. Documentary images are provided for rare and unusual occurrences (and a few general images are also included), and trends based on Christmas Count data are provided when sample sizes are adequate. See the Primary Checklist for links to species accounts and photo pages. Species accounts are also provided for 42 species of hypothetical occurrence or that have been erroneously reported, and 145 non-native species introduced or reported in the wild, but for which viable breeding populations have not been established. This site represents the culmination of work undertaken by Robert L. Pyle during the 1950-2000s and completed by his family following his passing.

Robert L. Pyle, 1923-2007

Version 1 completed Dec 2009 and will not be updated for content until Version 2 is posted (typos and bad links may be fixed). Plans are to complete Version 2 sometime in 2011-2013, with further updated versions to be completed every 2-4 years thereafter. Comments, errors, typos, bad links, updated information, any other suggestions: Please contact Peter Pyle at

Citation: Pyle, R.L., and P. Pyle. 2009. The Birds of the Hawaiian Islands: Occurrence, History, Distribution, and Status. B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI, U.S.A. Version 1 (31 December 2009)

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