The Birds of the Hawaiian Islands:
Occurrence, History, Distribution, and Status

Robert L. Pyle and Peter Pyle


The following web-based resources provide further information on the birds of Hawaii and were instrumental in the creation of this monograph.

Scientific Information

The Birds of North America Online. Provides thorough and up-to-date species accounts for most migratory and all endemic birds in the Hawaiian Islands. Subscription $40/year.

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA). Covers major North American bird journals with many scientific publications on Hawaiian birds and birdlife.

American Ornithologist's Union. Maintains official taxonomy of Hawaiian (and North American) birds as decided by the AOU Committee on Classification and Nomenclature (see updates here).

BirdLife International. Up-to-date accounts on ths population status of birds, with emphasis on threatened and endangered populations including those of the Hawaiian Islands.

National Audubon Society Chirstmas Bird Counts. Dowlodable data on all counts including 14 counts conducted in the Hawaiian Islands. See also Introduction and Christmas Count Page.

ORNIS. Searchable specimen record database for specimens collected in the Hawaiian Islands (and elsewhere) located in over 50 museum collections worldwide.

B.P. Bishop Museum Section of Vertebrate Zoology. Repository for scientific and cultural information on birds in the Hawaiian Islands.

Cascadia Research Collective Hawaii Cetacean Studies. Scientific survey nformation collected on pelagic marine mammals and seabirds in the Hawaiian waters 2003-2009 and beyond.

'Elepaio. Journal of the Hawaii Audubon Society, including scientific articles on Hawaiian birdlife.

Pacific Rim Conservation (PRC). Dedicated to research and conservation of Hawaiian birds and other biota.

Sounds Hawaiian. Resource for vocalizations of Hawaiian birds and other wildlife.

Peale's (1848) Mammalia and Ornithology. Classic publication on the U.S. Exploring Expedition that visited the Hawaiian Islands in 1840.

Cassin's (1858) Mammalia and Ornithology. Classic publication on the U.S. Exploring Expedition that visited the Hawaiian Islands in 1840 based on Peale's work.

Rotshchild's (1893-1900) The Avifauna of Laysan and Neighboring Islands. Classic publication on Hawaiian birdlife based on the collections of Palmer and others.


Conservation and Agencies

Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW). State agency for wildlife and conservation of birds in the Southeastern Hawaiian Islands and Kure Atoll. Includes The Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program.

DOFAW's Species of Greatest Conservation Need. Fact sheets on Hawaii's threatened and endangered birds and other organisms.

U.S. Geologic Survey Hawaii Forest Bird Interagency Database Project. Cooperative network of agencies and other organizations working toward conservation of Hawaii's native forest birds. Includes Pacific Island Ecosystem Research Center.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Islands Office. Federal agency for wildlife and conservation including birds in both the Southeastern and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Includes the USFWS Pacific Seabird Conservation Plan.

Hawaii State Wildlife Action Plan. Association of Fish and Wildlife conservation plans for birds.

Environment Hawai'i. Newletter on environmental issues in Hawai'i.

Hawai'i Wildlife Center. Wildlife recovery center for Endangered and other Hawaiian birds and wildlife.

Pacific Seabird Group. Works toward the research and conservation of seabirds in Hawaii and worldwide.


Photographs of Birds in the Hawaiian Islands

Oahu Nature Tours Hawaii Bird Photo Gallery.

Jack Jeffrey Photography.

Jim Denny - Birds of Kauai.

Forest and Kim Starr - Birds of Hawaii.

Eric VanderWrf - Pacific Rim Conservation Image Gallery.

Hawaii Forest and Trail Native Birds.

Brooks Rownd Hawaii Page.

Birds of Hawaii pages at Flickr.


Birding/Bird Watching

Hawaii Birding Yahoo Group. ListServe with reports of birds in the state as well as conservation and other news about birds and wildlife.

Birding Hawaii. Web-based resource for birds and birding in Hawaii.

Oahu Nature Tours. Nature and bird-watching tours primarily on O'ahu.

Hawaii Forest and Trail. Nature and bird-watching tours primarily on Hawai'i Island. Hawaii Page. On-line resources for birding and birds in Hawaii.

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Citation: Pyle, R.L., and P. Pyle. 2009. The Birds of the Hawaiian Islands: Occurrence, History, Distribution, and Status. B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI, U.S.A. Version 1 (31 December 2009)

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